Rescue Diver

The Rescue Diver Course is a course to learn how to prevent and avoid diving emergencies and how to deal with them when necessary.
You will also learn how to deal with minor troubles during diving such as self-rescue skills, so if time and budget allow, this course is recommended for everyone who started diving.
It is a very useful course to enjoy diving safely.
Of course, we have arranged the course so that you can fully enjoy the Red Sea.

Children aged 12-14 are welcome to participate in the Junior Rescue Diver Course. (Those who are certified as Junior Advanced Course or Junior Adventure Diver Navigation Dive)

EFR Emergency First Response Course

The EFR course is not limited to diving, but you will acquire the knowledge and skills to deal with accidents, illnesses, injuries and other emergencies that may occur in your life. You also practice CPR using a mannequinin the course . This course is useful not only for diving but also for daily life such as at work or at home.
The course is classroom lectures and cardiopulmonary resuscitation exercises using a mannequin. .. (no diving)

Prerequisite to join the course / Fee

・ 12 years old and over (12-14 years old can be certified as a junior rescue diver)
(Junior Adventure Divers must have completed Underwater Navigation.)
• EFR primary and secondary care may have been completed within the last 24 months, or may be completed with the rescue course .

Course fee: Rescue diver € 250
Rescue Diver Course Manual + C Card Application Fee: € 90
Equipment rental during the course: € 10 per day

Course fee: EFR Emergency Responder € 100
Course manual + C card application fee: € 45
The course fee includes the boat and beach facility charges during the course, lunch and soft drinks on board.
Equipment rental, dive medical(if necessary), teaching materials, and C card application fee are not included in the course fee.