PADI Open Water Diver / Scuba Diver Course

This is the first course for those who start diving. Learn the basics of diving skills and diving theory needed to enjoy diving safely. Open Water Training Dive is held at the dive site of the Red Sea in Hurghada, which is a "longing for divers around the world", so you can enjoy a lot of Red Sea fish even during the course.

Children aged 10-14 are welcome to attend the Junior Open Water Diver or Junior Scuba Diver courses.

Open Water Diver Course 3-4 days

The Open Water Diver Course (OW) consists of 5 sessions of confined water training (practicing diving skills at the pool or beach) and 4 open water training. You will learn the basic diving theory (5 sessions).

Maximum depth: Open Water Diver 18m
Junior Open Water Divers aged 10 to 11 can dive up to a depth of 12 meters / 40 feet with the limitation of being with a parent, guardian, and PADI professional. Junior open water divers between the ages of 12 and 14 are subject to the restriction that they must dive with a certified adult diver.

Scuba Diver Course 2 days

The Scuba Diver Course (SD) is half the course of the OW Course. Skill training and knowledge development for 3 sessions, 2 open water training dives.
This is a course for those who cannot take time together. You can apply for an OW certificate if you complete the other half of the course within a year.

Maximum depth: scuba diver 12m
Junior scuba divers can dive up to a depth of 12 meters / 40 feet with the limitation of being with parents, guardians and PADI professionals.

Prerequisite to join the course / Fee

Pre-participation conditions: Age 15+
Junior Open Water Diver over 10 years old

Course fee: Scuba diver € 180 | Open water diver € 230
Course manual + C card application fee: € 90
Equipment rental during the course: € 10 per day
The course fee includes the boat and beach facility charges during the course, lunch and soft drinks on board.
Equipment rental, dive medical(if necessary), teaching materials, and C card application fee are not included in the course fee.